TC Phone

TC Phone

TC Phone is a emergency phone that can be placed in strategic places so that the public has access to a fixed contact point. This phone works even if the mobile phone network does not work or if there is a power failure, as it have a battery backup.

With TC Phone you can communicate via Tetra in the same way you talk in a regular phone.
It is available in two versions:
1. As a stand alone box to be connected to any analogue telephone
2. Integrated solution in a vandal resistant/weather proof unit

Customizable, can be configured in a variety of ways.

Low power consumption, can be in sleep mode and activated when the handset is lifted (for example when powered from solar cells).

Supported traffic cases:

•Individual calls (in/out)
•Group Communications
•Send status messages
•Send preprogrammed text messages (SDS)
•Phone calls in/out (by phonegateway in the Tetra system)
•Watchdog function


Usage example:
•Individual calls, free dialing
Lift the handset, wait for dial tone, dial the number
•Individual call, short number
Lift the handset, wait for dial tone, dial # “short no.”
•Send status
Lift the handset, wait for dial tone, dial * “status”

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