TC JAVA applications

Java applications

TC Connect Sweden AB have developed customized JAVA solutions for
Airbus terminals and Traceline platforms customized solutions.

TC Connects Java applications is namned TCJava (TCJ).

We can develop customized applications for most situations.

Java (programming language) - Wikipedia

TCJ Sesamy

TCJ Sesamy

TCJ Sesamy is a program that can be used to for example to send SDS and Status to various recipients or change talkgroup, scannings list a.s. o in the terminal.

By changing the configuration file (JAD file), you create a list based user interface with a tree structure that you can easily navigate to send something to a recipient.

Each element of a list on the screen can either be a menu node, which opens a submenu, or a command node, which sends a message to programmed recipients.

TCJ Contacts

TCJ Contacts

One problem in general is that during reprogramming of the terminals the existing phonebook is deleted and replaced with the new one from the programing task. This lead to that contacts that the user has saved themselves in the contact book is lost.

TCJ Contacts is a Java application that acts as an extra phone book in addition to the terminals built in. The user can save their contacts without risking they are lost when updating the terminal’s programming.

TCJ Contacts works on all Airbus TETRA terminals with support for Java.
Supported features:
– Create and edit contacts
– Call contacts in simplex or duplex
– Complement to the terminal’s own phone book
– Backup of contacts to a separate backup server
– Restoring contacts from the backup server
– Contacts created in the app can be copied to the terminal’s phone book

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